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Refinishing your home or office is an exciting opportunity to bring old tired colors back to life, preserve and protect your decks, trim and siding, or go in a completely different direction with new color. It can change the look of the whole place. It is my goal to see a smile on your face not only when I am finished with your project, but throughout the entire process. You won't find gear and equipment laying about during the job. In fact, other that the sudden transformation, you will likely hardly notice that I am there. Attention to the details is a hallmark that I pride myself in and keeping a tidy work site is a part of that.

Some folks know exactly what they want and have done the research to know what will best fit their needs and I am always ready to jump right in. Others need a little help choosing the right product or color scheme and I am happy to give some direction, if needed. I generally use Sherwin Williams products and find that if I can't give you an answer, they will. They give great support and have a wide array of product lines that have served my customers well over the years. However, I do not limit myself. If you have a brand that you like, I am happy to oblige.


Communication with the customer. A job done the right way in a fast and efficient manner, a cheerful smile and competitive pricing are some of the reasons my customers keep giving my name to their friends. Referrals are a
big part of my business.


Remember my tag line, "The whole house, or just a wall, Trim Line Painting does it all."


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